You are exactly where you are supposed to be…


I saw this written on a building in Indonesia on my first business trip to the country last year. I had come on something of a whim, spurred by a desire to explore the amazing local crafts and to make myself into something new: a small business owner.   I read the words and laughed.  “I know some mistakes I’ve already made,” I told my driver.  Ngyoman calmly replied, “There are no mistakes, only learning.”

Color has always been a part of my life.  Years ago someone told me that you should think about the colors that bring you joy, like the feelings you have when you are in a place you feel a deep connection to.  I think about walking the cobblestone streets in Oaxaca City and taking in the palate of every quaint doorway.  I think about the small local markets in Guatemala and seeing the vibrant Huipil clothing.  I think about searching through piles of vintage Indonesian blankets and being immersed in the intricate details of the weavings and the hand-work.  This is when I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I decided to start my own business with the encouragement of my husband telling me to go for it…I bought a plane ticket and traveled by myself to Indonesia with only a driver and a couple hotels reserved, no other real plans! 

My goal with Memento is to curate delightful décor and accessories.  I source items I believe you are not able to find just anywhere…textiles that are one of a kind, décor items that are not readily available at just any store.  Items that when I see them I say, “I love love loooooove that!!!”…

I hope you enjoy the delights I have gathered and that they bring a warmth and connection to your space.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and taking the time to hear my story!


More on my whereabouts…

I grew up in Colorado and lived in Austin and Boston before settling with my family in the emerald city of Seattle.  I’ve previously worked in sales and consulting.  When I am not working on Memento, I love to volunteer at my daughters’ schools, attend a yoga class, cycle around the beautiful Seattle lakes and go on live music dates with my husband.  Memento is a true labor of love and brings together my lifelong passions for home design, color, and travel.