"West is best???"


I grew up in a family where traveling meant loading up the car with chex mix and capri sun and driving to the nearest relative’s home.  My father also believed you never needed to travel outside of the U.S. borders…and also that “east is least and west is best”.  With so many boundaries…I felt trapped in a land locked state, always feeling a pull to go somewhere…anywhere.

When I was in high school I had the first opportunity to leave America, a church trip to Tokyo.  Wow, Tokyo! Little did I know, that 6 week trip the summer I was 16, would introduce me to the love of my life.  I will never forget arriving in Tokyo – how foreign everything felt, smelled, tasted and looked.  It was like something inside me was cracked wide open…there were people who lived outside of America…people that looked different, ate different, and believed different…a bigger world where there are so many people…all of us unique in our own way.  It was truly eye opening, life changing.

Upon returning from Tokyo…my hunger to see worlds beyond America never ended.  I ended up marrying my best friend from that summer trip…and someone who shares my passion to see the world.  All it has to offer, all the different people, cultures, worlds out there just waiting to be explored.

So I am a firm believer that west is not best, and east is not least…but that there is a huge world out there full of people and cultures waiting to be discovered.  I am thankful to live life with a man that wants to explore the world with me and our two daughters.  This passion fuels my business and my desire to build a life where I truly never stop exploring and discovering.

 Paige Moped