The Golden Teapot

Golden Teapot

I drove by and craned my neck back as I peered into Prussian Blue and saw this fabulous, oversized, brass teapot sitting in the window.  A few days later I did the same thing…and a few days later…and finally I was driving by and told my daughter that we had to stop in to see this teapot.

The shop owner was instantly my girl crush – brassy red braids, bright fabulous lip color and a bold print dress with strappy heels.  She encouraged me to take the teapot home, and if it worked, I could come back and pay her.  Well…as I suspected, my husband thought it was ridiculous…had no purpose…was too large etc.  A light bulb went off!  I said, “I have a business meeting…”.  Since I was currently unemployed my husband had no idea what I was doing…

I grabbed my colorful woven bag I had just brought back from Vietnam, my favorite textiles I had gathered from my recent trips to Bali, Singapore and Vietnam, and headed out to return the teapot.  When I walked back in the door of Prussian Blue, Dawn said, “where did you get that amazing bag?” I replied, “can we have a business meeting?” Enthusiastically, Dawn replied, “YES!”

This was the beginning of Memento.  Dawn shared my passion for amazing textiles, color, pattern, and the quest for the unusual item of beauty to bring into your home.  She encouraged me to start my business…something I had wanted to do for a long time but somehow needed permission or encouragement to take the first leap.  Her overwhelming enthusiasm, support and kick into my first steps are how Memento got started.  Within a couple of weeks, I had a domain name, LLC, business cards, and was planning my first pop up and sourcing trip.

This is a tale of a woman supporting a woman, someone giving me the encouragement to do the thing I love, permission to just go for it and figure it out along the way.  I am learning to trust my instincts, be bold, and know that as women we are always reinventing ourselves and evolving as we travel through life.  So while in the past I would not have called myself a blogger, writer, designer…I want to always be growing and learning and allow myself to become new things along the way.  I know what I love, I know I have stories to tell, guts to take risks, and I know I trust my eye when bringing style in a home together. 

Today that brass teapot lives on my desk filled with champagne corks from my first pop up and a $20 bill from my first sale…all a reminder of how it all started…thank you Dawn for being a woman to empower another woman.

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