Take This Job and...

Take This Job and …

Well, I did not truly mean that when I walked in the CEO’s office at 27 years young.  I meant that I would like to take a leave of absence for a few months while my husband and I pursued a dream to drive to Costa Rica from Texas.  I was told…”No.”  I remember the CEO looking dumbfounded, agast, and blown away…”You are driving?  Driving to Costa Rica…Why?”.

OMG let me out of this life!  Let me out of this cubicle!  Let me out of this building without windows!  I was young, no mortgage, no car payment, no kids…why?  Because life is too short and I want to live now!  It was this amazing feeling I will never forget…I was doing something crazy, unpredictable, something that made my parents question, something that made our friends question…something that fueled my husbands and my passion for getting out and away from all things normal…predictable…practical.

I will never forget the feeling as we crossed the border into Mexico…it was already so foreign, so different.  I had to constantly check myself – am I feeling uneasy because things are dangerous or are they just different to me? 

A few hours south of the border we turned off to a cobblestone road that went on what seemed like forever.  It was the road to Real de Catorce.  A gem of a town hidden behind a one car width wide tunnel that is over a mile long through a mountain…on the other side was pure remote bliss – a sunny, dry, high altitude sleepy town.

We parked by our hotel, stretched our legs, and Brad came walking back toward me with two beers in his hands.  We settled into the hammocks on the roof of our hotel, and talked about what life was going to be like for the next four months on the road…what an incredible adventure.

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